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Buying from the UK has never been easier

Buying from the UK has never been easier

Imagine buying from the UK risk-free, with no customs or processing charges upon delivery!

You can at Purlescence!

When purchasing from us, payment can be made in Euros or your local currency, and all applicable taxes are already included. To make things easier, the displayed price of a product already includes taxes.

We ship it to you using a tracked service and it arrives in a few days with no additional cost.

What could be easier?

Take a bold step and try us! Get 10% off your first order with code EU2023 plus, enjoy free shipping on orders over €40.

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You said I could pay in my local currency, but I don't see mine.

We only offer Euros, Danish Krone, and Swedish Krona. We are adding to that list all the time.

Sounds too good to be true? Is there a catch?

The maximum order value is €150 or equivalent in your local currency, but that buys a lot of yarn and needles!

I'm not in the EU, can I pay tax upfront?

Unfortunately this is only available to residents inside the European Union

How is Purlescence able to offer this service?

It's called IOSS. We are registered for tax in the EU