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ChiaoGoo's Twist, Spin, Swiv360, X-Flex Cables

ChiaoGoo's Twist, Spin, Swiv360, X-Flex Cables

ChiaoGoo have a great range of interchangeable tips in Bamboo and Stainless Steel. They also have four different types of cables that connect with the tips. So, what are the differences between the 4 and which one should you use.


Let’s start with TWIST. This is the red cable that everyone knows. It’s used on the Red and Red Lace fixed circulars and is the most popular cable.

ChiaoGoo TWIST Cable

The TWIST cable is made from several thin strands of steel wire, twisted together and coated with red coloured nylon. This makes it very strong and resistant to kinks and bends.

When you are knitting with a TWIST cable you will feel how smooth and flexible it is, allowing the yarn to move easily and not snag on your stitches. This is also true where the cable meets the tip. It’s so smooth, it’s like the join isn’t there.

TWIST cables are offered in Mini[M], Small[S] and Large[L] connector sizes and in lengths from 2”(5cm) to 50”(125cm)


ChiaoGoo X-Flex CableX-Flex is TWIST’s little sibling. Its construction is exactly the same as TWIST but has a signature blue coating. This means that it has the same smoothness and durability of TWIST but is a bit more flexible and perfect when teamed up with the 3”(7.5cm) and 4”(10cm) tips.

In other words, it gets round tight corners with ease. Great for socks, gloves, sleeves, hats, etc.

X-Flex cables only come in Small[S] connectors and in lengths from 2”(5cm) to 8”(20cm)


SPIN cables are made from clear nylon, which is smooth and flexible. Pure nylon cables do have the reputation of having memory, which means they may retain the shape they were coiled in when not in use.

However, ChiaoGoo introduced a swivel joint on SPIN that allows the joint to rotate independently of the cable, which helps to prevent twisting and tangling of the cable.

We’ve found that you can minimize the memory in the cable by storing it in a straight, untangled position or using a cable needle organizer. Additionally, you can gently straighten the cable under running warm water and then laying it flat to dry.

SPIN cables are available in Small[S] and Large[L] connectors and sizes from 8”(20cm) to 50”(125cm)


SWIV360 is the new kid on the block. It brings together the durability and memory free cable of TWIST with the rotating swivel joint of SPIN.

ChiaoGoo SWIV360 Cable

SWIV360 is a white nylon coated, multistranded steel cable with a swivel joint to prevent twisting and tangling.

Is this the best of both worlds?

The vast majority of SWIV360 users love it. Many knitters have told us that they have switched to the SWIV360 cable and retired their TWIST and SPIN cables. But some have found a difficulty with the swivel joint.I have TWIST tips. In all honesty they are definitely worth a try. If you don't like them, you can always return them to us.

Can I only use TWIST Cables if I have Twist tips?

This is a common misconception. All cables in the ChiaoGoo range are compatible with ChiaoGoo's tips. Regardless of whether they are TWIST or SPIN. The only limiting factor is the connector size.